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The Complete Guide to Detoxing While Pregnant

May 31 Published by

5.4% of pregnant women use illicit drugs at some point in their pregnancies.

This may seem like a relatively low number. However, consuming drugs of any kind while carrying a little one can be deeply detrimental to women and their babies.

Pregnant women who have struggled with addiction of any kind in the past may have an urgent desire to detox from drugs.

Some simply do not know where to begin or feel ashamed at the prospect of admitting their addiction. Others are worried about the toll withdrawal symptoms will have on themselves or unborn child.

However, it is possible and imperative to undergo drug detoxing while pregnant.

In this post, we’ll look closely at what you need to know about detoxing while pregnant so that you can do so safely!

What is a Drug Detox?

A drug detox enables an individual addicted to a substance to safely withdraw from a drug. The most effective detoxes are conducted under medical supervision in an inpatient facility like Clean Life.

Many individuals suffering from a substance addiction struggle with withdrawal symptoms. A body experiences withdrawal when it is not under the influence of the drug it has become dependent on.

Many withdrawal symptoms are incredibly painful, and some are life-threatening. Most people experience a strong craving for the drug they’ve become addicted to during period of withdrawal.

Thus, it becomes virtually impossible to quit “cold turkey.”

A drug detox enables individuals to physically withdraw from a drug with medical assistance. Most detoxes provide medication designed to ease withdrawal symptoms as a body releases its dependency on a drug.

However, all detoxes are tailored to the individual and take medical history and severity of addiction in consideration. Some may not require medication. For others, it is essential to prevent nerve or brain damage as well as produce a successful outcome.

What all detoxes have in common is their ability to help individuals get physically clean from a drug in a safe and secure manner. A medical detox is often the first step to rehabilitation and living a drug-free life!

It’s possible to undergo a medical detox at a local hospital or through a dedicated detox facility. If you want to learn more about detoxes.

Drug Detoxing While Pregnant

Pregnant women who struggle with an addiction may find themselves in a painful dilemma. On the one hand, they may be happy about their pregnancy and the prospect of a new life but, on the other, they may fear that their addiction will severely compromise their new child’s health.

Indeed, a fetus can become addicted to a substance its mother is abusing. This can lead to neurological and physical damage, disorders, and even infant death. There is also a high chance of withdrawal symptoms once the child is born, which is life-threatening to a new born baby.

Some women simply do not know how to go about detoxing from a drug while pregnant. Many assume that it’s not safe to do so, or virtually impossible.

However, it is entirely possible to undergo a safe detox while pregnant. It is not an easy or pleasant experience, like any drug detox, but if implemented correctly, it can be the pathway to a healthy, sober pregnancy and a new start to life.

While every pregnancy detox is different, depending on the woman and her level of addiction, most follow similar guidelines.

Medical Supervision

If you are pregnant and need to detox from a drug dependency, it’s essential to do so with medical supervision. Trying to detox on your own can be dangerous, but it is also very difficult to do so successfully.

It is also important to seek assistance as soon as possible, preferably as soon as you discover you are pregnant. The sooner medical professionals can intervene, the better–for you and your baby.

The most effective pregnancy detox will occur in a certified detox facility like Clean Life. These facilities specialize in medical detox and are more likely to enable a safe and effective pregnancy detox.

However, it is possible to detox while pregnant in a local hospital.

During a pregnancy detox, medical personnel will attend on a pregnant woman at all times. Treatment begins immediately, as drug detox is an urgent situation. In most cases, medication is used to help patients safely withdraw from a drug dependency.

Use of Medication

The use of medication is particularly delicate when it comes to drug detoxing while pregnant. This is because all medications administered to a pregnant woman will, in essence, be received by the fetus.

As such, pregnancy detoxes tend to be longer than standard detoxes, as doctors have to administer to both soon-to-be-mother and child.

In some cases, medication is not necessary. However, if you are addicted to opiates–one of the most addictive types of drugs out there–you may receive medication like methadone to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

They type and extent of the medication you receive will depend on how far along in your pregnancy you are, the substance you are addicted to, and the severity of your withdrawal.

Length of Treatment

Because pregnancy detoxes are complex, they tend to take longer. Most pregnant women can anticipate spending at least a few weeks in a detox facility or local hospital. In some cases, treatment is longer, particularly for women addicted to highly addictive substances.

The most effective pregnancy detox is comprehensive. Because your child’s life is always at stake during any stage of addiction, many detoxes precede further therapy and rehabilitation.

In fact, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of continuing therapy after a pregnancy detox. Doing so can ensure a safe delivery of your child and a healthy new life for the both of you.

After a detox, pregnant women will have to undergo further tests to ensure the health of their babies. A detox facility will help them navigate post-detox treatment easily.

Drug Detoxing While Pregnant

It is definitely possible to detox from a drug while pregnant. In fact, it’s urgent to do so in order to ensure the healthy delivery of a healthy infant.

An effective pregnancy detox occurs at a certified detox facility under medical supervision. Pregnant women often receive medication to help manage withdrawal symptoms and prevent infant addiction or death.

Most pregnancy detoxes take several weeks to ensure that both mother and baby are healthy and sober. In some cases, however, they may take longer.

At Clean Life, we are here to help you have a healthy pregnancy, no matter your situation. Contact us today to learn more about drug detoxing while pregnant!