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Cocaine Detox: 7 Things You Should Know

May 21 Published by

Many people who do cocaine glorify the drug as a “great rush” or a “big thrill.” In reality, cocaine is a one-way train to hurting your body, your mind, and your relationships. It can easily ruin your life.

Thankfully, there’s a way to come back from this dark place – a cocaine detox. Detoxing is the act of flushing the cocaine out of your system. It’s the first step towards a full recovery, and often the hardest for an addict to do.

It’s not impossible to achieve and it’s absolutely worth doing. Here are seven things to keep in mind to help you understand and prepare for the cocaine detoxification.

1. There Are Different Phases of a Cocaine Detox

A cocaine detox has a few different steps. The first is the urge to use the drug again as you’re experiencing a comedown. While you’d normally reach for another hit to soothe such a feeling, this time, you have to go through it.

This is a hard temptation to resist, but it gets even worse when the withdrawals kick in. The withdrawal stage is the beginning of intense symptoms caused by a lack of cocaine. It’s how your body acts out from not getting the drug it has become dependant on.

After the symptoms, there is stabilization. Think of this as your light at the end of the withdrawal tunnel. It’s where the real work begins to go from a cocaine detox to a sober life completely free of cocaine.

2. You Have to Mentally Prepare for the Withdrawal Stage

Before you start daydreaming about life after addiction, you have to pass the test your body is going to put you through. Cocaine withdrawals are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Some common symptoms of this stage include:

  • exhaustion
  • depression
  • slower thinking
  • intense anxiety
  • body chills and tremors
  • aches in the muscles
  • an extreme appetite
  • suicidal thoughts

Chances are, you won’t experience every single withdrawal symptom but you will feel some sort of combination of a few symptoms at once. The length of time these go on for and how extreme they are both depend on how long you’ve been using cocaine. One thing is for sure, though, this won’t be easy.

You can’t just think of a cocaine detox as putting the drug down and not touching it again. You have to clearly define why it is you want to get your life back on track and remind yourself of this purpose over and over during your withdrawals.

3. You Have to Be Focused

Defining a purpose for which to detox and recover gives you a focus. It’s something to hold onto while the symptoms of withdrawal challenge you.

The good news is, withdrawal doesn’t last longer than about ten days – and that is the cocaine withdrawal time for the most extreme of cases. Most of the time, addicts can get through this in a few days or just a few hours depending on their history of use.

When you really think about this, it’s not much in comparison to the rest of your life that you can live free from the weight cocaine has placed on your life. For now, all you have to do is get through withdrawals then go into some sort of rehabilitation treatment.

It’s more simple than your excuses and temptations want you to believe it is. Stay focused and you’ll be able to experience sobriety sooner than you think.

4. Try to Be in a Comfortable Space

While having a focus is extremely beneficial, it doesn’t necessarily soothe the physical and mental pains you’re going to feel during the peak of your withdrawal stage. That’s why it’s important to be in a comfortable, relaxing space.

This doesn’t necessarily mean staying home. If you’re home, chances are you’re going to have reminders of your cocaine usage. It’s better to be in a place that gives you a sense of clarity. A detox facility that offers both medical and holistic treatment options is ideal.

If going into an inpatient facility isn’t doable, contact a close friend or a loved one and see if you can stay with them for a few days. Tell them you’re done with using cocaine and that you need their help to make the change everyone has been waiting for you to make.

5. Having a Support System Is Everything

It’s not easy to pick up the phone and ask for the help of people you’ve hurt or disappointed. You may get a few hang-ups or scoldings, but at the end of the day, a support system is the real key to getting through a cocaine detox.

This is a group of people you can lean on when you’re in pain and you can look up to when you need a reason not to give into your temptations. They are individuals who can comfort you while you’re shaking, feeling restless, or just crying everything out.

6. Professional Help Is Available

To ensure you succeed at detoxing from cocaine, call the professionals. Check yourself into a drug detox center or a rehabilitation center, which will start you off with a detox.

These are people who have been trained to handle every single detox stage and symptom. They know how to comfort you as well as how to push you to succeed. Plus, they provide a place for you to stay that is completely drug-free, with no chance of you giving into temptations no matter how bad you may want to.

Professionals also offer medication to help make the detox stage easier. Medically assisted detoxification is often easier to handle and more successful for the patient.

7. Life After a Detox Is Better

No matter how, when, or where different addicts choose to do a cocaine detox, this truth is the same across the board – life is better afterward. A detox won’t fix all your problems. It can’t hide you from what you may have been running from that lead you to use cocaine in the first place, but it will remove the physical dependance on the drug which is often why people keep using.

Detoxing does give you the peace of mind and newfound sense of purpose to take on such things and more. It gives you a fresh slate to take back your life and live your true potential, rather than wasting your days using drugs. Often, the outcome is much better than a person who is influenced by drugs can even imagine.

Succeeding at Your Cocaine Detox

While it’s good to research and understand what you’re getting yourself into with a cocaine detox, you still have to put in the work. Make the decision to change your life for the better and don’t hesitate to ask for help along the way.

Tell your friends and family that you’re done with cocaine and ask them to help you find the right detox and rehabilitation center for you. To find out more about how we can help with cocaine detoxing, click here.