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About Clean Life Detox

Clean Life is an inpatient medical detoxification facility, specializing in helping patients detox from drugs or alcohol. We offer a safe and nurturing environment where clients can begin their journey of recovery. As a licensed facility we adhere to the highest standards and comply with regular state inspections. Our staff of professionals have years of experience in the field of addiction and are up to date with current clinical modalities and training. Clean Life guarantees a facility that is safe, comfortable, clean and peaceful. Our services are confidential and we treat out clients with kindness and compassion.


At CleanLife, we recognize the difficult challenges that one faces in battling addiction/substance abuse. Addiction is never simply addiction, but rather intimately entwined with physiological changes and underlying personal and emotional experiences. In other words, you have to approach addiction and substance abuse from multiple angles. With that in mind, we tailored a program that is unique in its approach, putting education at the forefront. When you know better, you do better. That begins with understanding how addiction works both physiologically and emotionally. Understanding that addiction is not about simply choice but moreso about physiological changes, puts you in the driver seat to make a real and lifelong change for not only yourself but also your family. We also recognize that the process of recovery is not “one-size fits all”, and therefore should be approached differently for each individual. As such, we offer a variety of services such as individual and group therapy covering a range of topics and therapeutic modalities (e.g. DBT vs. cognitive behavioral), nutrition, exercise, meditation, holistic and other options. Upon entering our facility, you will work with our staff to tailor a program specifically for you to suit your individual personality and personal goals.


Upon arrival, you will meet with our team of professionals including a primary medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, and nurse who will work with you in assessing your needs and goals during your time at CleanLife. How much we get done upon arrival, depends on how much you can endure at that time, as we know detox can be different from person to person. Nevertheless, we will help you in choosing from our service options and design a program specifically tailored for you based on the time you expect to spend at our facility. This will include not only programs/services you will experience at our facility but also putting together a plan for what you will need upon discharge to remain successful in maintaining your sobriety and recovery upon returning home.
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Clean Life Detox


A typical day at Clean Life will involve both individual and group therapy, medication management, continuous monitoring of vitals, nutritious meals tailored to heal and replenish the body, meditation, and light physical activity such as yoga and stretching. Due to the varied experiences of people who are detoxing, our team takes each clients individual treatment needs into consideration. Our goal is to provide the highest quality detox in a setting that is safe and comfortable so that symptoms occurring in the brain and body after repeated substance abuse can be addressed in a dignified manner.

Why Chose Clean Life?

At Clean Life Detox we offer patient focused detoxification with all the comforts of a luxury retreat. Nestled in a quiet, gated property just minutes away from Clearwater Beach, Clean Life utilizes a combination of medical and holistic treatments for inpatient detox creating the most successful possible outcome.

Medical Detox

Medically assisted detoxification is the safest, most comfortable way to stop using Vicodin. Quitting without supervision or correct medicine is unnecessarily agonizing and could be fatal.

Insurance Covered

Cost of detox is one major reason people don’t seek the help they need. At Clean Life Detox we take most insurances and offer competitive rates for those who chose to self-pay.

Gorgeous Facility

Our newly renovated facility is modern, comfortable and 100% confidential. We fully cater fresh healthy foods in our beautiful Florida retreat.

Beautiful Location

Soak up the warm Florida sun while in treatment. Clean Life is located just minutes away from the nation’s top beach in Clearwater Florida.