12 Step Recovery

Clean Life Detox offers 12 Step Recovery Programs in Pinellas County. 12 Step Programs are well known for their aid in helping detox and recovery addictive and dependent behaviors. Dating back to the 1930’s The 12 Step Program was originally invented by Alcoholics Anonymous and has since been adapted to other forms of drug abuse and addictions as a “solution oriented” path to recovery.

The Twelve Steps include Admitting The Problem, Believing One Can Change, Asking Forgiveness, Actively Helping Others and more. The 12 Step Method has proven to be powerful and extremely successful. Through personal growth, forgiveness, honesty and responsibility, the 12 Step Program was designed to give people the chance to make amends with the past and promote a sober future.

At Clean Life we incorporate traditional recovery methods like 12 Step Recovery with other types of recovery methods such as the ones listed below.

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